A Lovely End to the Day

Well yesterday I had a date.  Yes, yes, I know, I know……  Loads of jokes are popping into your head, but at the end of the evening I was presented with some lovely flowers to take home.  What a fabulous surprise!







While hiding from the spiders…

I also took a few other photos.


These jumbo ‘extreme’ knitting needles didn’t come from Fibre East but a local Summer Fete.  I’m looking forward to some stash busting with them!


The garden is in that in-between phase where one set of plants have gone over, but the next haven’t flowered yet.  You can probably guess I’m not very good at succession planning.  That said, there are still some flowers about and in one I found this bee.  He was covered in pollen and happily zipping form flower to flower.  Obviously hard at work.


Some of the roses were also just clinging onto their blooms.  I resisted roses for many years as  I just couldn’t get past the memories of how difficult they were for my grandfather in the 70’s.  Fortunately there are loads of wonderful varieties about now that are much easier to grow.  This one came from Cants in Colchester, but I’m afraid I don’t remember the variety…

What’s in a name?

Recently a few people have asked what they should call me.  Is it Mara or *******.  They were hearing people call me both and weren’t sure what was going on.  So at the risk of blowing my cover I thought I’d put a short little explanation up.

Mara is not my legal name.  It’s the other one.  However, I use it online a lot.  This is because of an incident a few years ago.  I work with teenagers, including boys, and obviously there is a need for boundaries.  Unfortunately I had the misfortune to be an object of fixation for a particularly trouble young man.

As part of that fixation he started cyber stalking me.  It was a very upsetting episode and eventually led to the involvement of social services to help sort this young man out.  I suppose I should add that he was autistic and this was all part of his condition rather than him being evil or anything like that.  Anyway I was advised to consider steps to protect myself from it happening again.  One of the steps I decided was appropriate was to use a different name.

I chose Mara as it has meaning to me and I think it’s a lovely name.  Believe it or not it’s actually more common than my legal name.  So in conclusion you can call me either name, I’ll answer to both.

Now since all that was rather serious how about a pretty picture?  These are some beautiful orchids I found in the glass houses at Cambridge Botanic Gardens.  I wish I had the skill and know how to grow orchids…… They tend to die if I so much as look at them.

It was a busy week…

Last week was a busy for me.  My mother was visiting so there were day trips and things to do.


Supplies were bought for future projects (I’ll blog about them later) and after I dropped my mother off in Cambridge to catch the coach home, I decided to visit the Cambridge University Botanic Garden.

My favourite part was the glasshouses where I photographed these pretty little flowers.  I just can’t resist a beautiful bloom.

It’s good to have friends



For the last 10 days or so I’ve spent more time horizontal being ill than vertical.  Probably something like 98% horizontal when the sun is up and 100% at night.

Like most people I can usually go a few days with the supplies in the house, but this has been just to much.  Fortunately some great friends have been there to help out.  This has included getting tissues for my streaming nose, painkillers etc and in the case of Mr K, dog food for the ravenous beasts.  It was funny watching Jake the dog’s conflicted loyalties, on the one side he wanted to be with his mummy on the sofa, but, on the other side Uncle K had food.  The food (and Uncle K) eventually won but I don’t mind.  Miss C also brought me flowers to help cheer me up.  Seeing them in the kitchen last night really cheered me up so I decided to take some photos to show you.

Unfortunately a small furry person decided to try and help.


But was eventually convinced to move out of the way.





Not my best flower shots but you get the idea…..

Thanks guys….. I owe you one.