Foto Stories : Castle Eden Dene

I’ve been going through some old images, trying to look at them with fresh eyes, and thought I’d share a few from my ‘Hmmmmm’ list.  This is the list of shots where I know there is something there, but I’m not exactly sure how to process the image to pull it out.  Some images stay on this list for years while I try to work it out.

For these specific images I decided the colour, while beautiful, was distracting from the essence of the shot.  So it was a conversion to black and white for them…


Castle Eden Dene, Durham, England. 

They were taken at a wonderful little place called Castle Eden Dene, not far from where I grew up in County Durham.  All these shots were hand held while out walking the dogs.  They were happy because they got to run around in amongst the trees like idiots, I was happy as I got to wander with my camera.

 Castle Eden Dene, Durham, England.

I love woodland shots but find them difficult.  I think it’s because I’m like a kiddie in a sweet shop with all the amazing nature around me.  Add in the often limited colour palette and my brain get’s itself all confused about where to point the camera.  Sometimes when wandering in places like this dene, it’s easy to imagine what England was like when covered in the wild wood thousands of years ago.  I always find these places a little magical.  Many woods are heavily managed but Castle Eden doesn’t feel that way, it feels somehow less touched by man.  They have a strange other worldly feeling which I believe suits black and white.  I’ve always felt that other worldly tingle in this dene and for that reason, if nothing else, the time I get to spend there is special and to be treasured.


Castle Eden Dene, Durham, England

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