I’ll have a tree with my cuppa thank you…


This morning I needed to pop out and get some stuff for my mother while she’s in hospital. You know the sort of thing, toiletries etc, and decided that a pit stop for a cuppa was in order. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the tea shop had recently had a make over… Including a tree.

Sleep Peacefully my Little One


This is Fire my beautiful Siamese cat.  Unfortunately the time came for us to part earlier this week.  He was a wonderful cat with an amazing personality and he fought so hard against a variety of medical problems this last 6 months.

He’s left a cat shaped hole in our lives and we’re all missing him, even the dogs.  Salem my other cat is taking it especially hard and is very clingy.  Pebbles especially is finding this difficult to deal with as Salem keeps trying to cuddle her, the way he used to cuddle Fire at nap time.  Jake the dog has been amazing in the aftermath, insisting on cuddling with me far more than normal.  I love snuggling with Jake as he’s big, so I don’t have to worry about accidently squishing him.  All week he’s been cuddling in and helping me sleep.  Why is it when we’re upset we sleep better with another heart beat next to ours?

Anyway I started this year with 3 beautiful cats and now I’m down to one.  Simba went to the Rainbow Bridge earlier in the year after loosing her fight against cancer, Fire now joins her.  Sleep tight my little ones…

Would you like some cake?

cake 1 watermark

The search for a great place to have tea and cake is something of a quest with myself and my friends.  Somewhere wonderful where we can meet up, share a cuppa (we’re almost all tea drinkers rather than coffee), perhaps have a little something to eat, and with the potential for cake.  It’s also about a lovely atmosphere and comfortable chairs.  Somewhere we want to go and enjoy being.  So when a new ‘patisserie’, also selling tea and food, opened up in Ipswich we had to check it out.  The cakes looked wonderful (if expensive) in the window and we were practically salivating when we went in.

And then it all started to go wrong.  The tables were crowded in so we felt like sardines and I was closer to the people on the table next to us than my friend.  The food wasn’t that great and the tea came on it’s own little trays that took up the entire table leaving no room for anything else (including our food).  Then after our food, we wanted cake.  It took me a whole five minutes to catch the eye of a waitress who mumbled that she would be back in a minute and wandered off.  So, feeling slightly claustrophobic, we waited while happily debating which cake to have for our much looked forward to deserts.  What did we get?  Well, when the waitress finally showed up again she plopped down the bill and walked swiftly off.  We gave up and made to leave.  At this point my friend, still craving cake, decided to order from the take out section.  This led to a conversation with the manager about why we were ordering our cake to leave instead of eating in.  Upon telling her she asked if being handed our bill had encouraged us to leave before we had planned.  That, my friends, was the moment I decided our quest must continue as you simply can’t help that level of stupid…




Do you have a knitting nemesis? That’s mine in the photo. Eventually it’ll be a pair of socks (that’s the second one).

I bought the yarn (which I won’t name as I’m going to be very uncomplimentary about it) earlier this year online. It was a disappointment as soon as it arrived because of the colour. In the online photo it had been much more lilac than pink. However this was just before my mother went into hospital and I needed something to just knit. Socks were perfect as my portable therapist to go with me into the hospital and so the pair were started.

While Mam was in intensive care the colour didn’t really register and as she grew in strength my dislike of the yarn increased. I was all ready to ditch them, as in into a bin rather than frogging, when Mam said she liked them.  So they were saved from the bin but my dislike continued to grow.

In fact I’d say it’s now reached full blown hatred.  I’ve wandered off and made other socks, mittens and all sorts… But they’re remained in my project bag – mocking me.

So these socks are my nemesis, glaring at me from my project bag…

Fibre East… (Part 1)


This last weekend I went with friends to Fibre East. Due to other commitments we had decided upon the Sunday in advance and given the weather this seemed to be a good move.

So we duly met up and headed west, in fact we seemed to go a long way west for something with east in the title, but we had money in our pockets and a list of things we were hoping to find. We knew from Ravelry that it was likely to be muddy but hey what’s a little mud between friends when yarn is involved. This year we hoped would be bigger and better than the first event last year, we weren’t disappointed.

I had decided to take to try and take some shots of all the yumminess on offer. As is my custom I always tried to ask permission before snapping away and this was where I got my biggest surprise of the day. At places like Ally Pally I can pretty much guarantee that most stall holders will be very definitely against photography. Grumpily so. But here every single person I asked smiled and say yes. How wonderful. I’ve never understood the attitude you get at the big shows about this. I mean what exactly do these people think I’m going to do with the images?

Anyway here are some shots from the wonderful stall holders who were happy for me to use my camera. Oh and what did I buy? I’ll take some photos and blog about that later in the week. ;)

So what did you do for the Jubilee?


I spent both the Sunday and Monday with my mam.  Given how ill she’s been this was wonderful.  She wasn’t up to attending any of the organised events that were going on, but I didn’t care.  There was no bunting up at her house, or Union Jacks flying.  Some people seem to have had a problem with this, everything suddenly seems to be covered in the flag.

Flags on tea trays…


Flags on plates…


Flags on cups…


I could go on.  Thing is….  while I love a good old fashioned knees up as much as anyone else, I just wanted to spend time with my remaining family.  The bunting and Union Jack really couldn’t compete with that.

Corgi Dog Anyone?

ikea corgi dog

Well it made me laugh ;)  Hope you’re enjoying the jubilee and eating lots of cake…

Hiding from the chaos


At the moment my cottage is all upside down.  The reason is the long awaited transformation of the dining room (read junk room) into a study / spare bedroom, so there is furniture all over the place.  I can’t even see my sofa in the lounge let alone sit on it!


 20120526_134703  20120526_140259

All this has the effect of driving me up the wall, add in a beautiful summers day and I obviously had a pressing need to be somewhere, anywhere, else.  So where did I go to hide?  Well the doggies convinced me that we needed to explore one of the local woods.  After all they reasoned, some nasty person might have stolen it so we needed to go check everything was still there.  It was the only responsible thing for two doggies and their human to do…

Unfortunately I couldn’t take my main camera as it’s buried somewhere near the sofa.  However cameras on mobiles have come a long way giving me a good excuse to play with the phones panorama setting.  Yeah I know it’s a bit of a gadget gimmick, but hey aren’t most things in this modern world?  Doesn’t stop me enjoying playing with them.

I’m sure once the study is done I’m going to love it and all the hassle will quickly disappear into the recesses of my memory.  The dogs however will find other reasons to go down the woods, and while the sun is shining I’m sure I’ll find reasons to agree with them ;)

It’s been a while….


Well it’s been a while since I posted and I’m sorry about that.  Life however, sometimes takes over.  The short version of the story is that we had a family crisis.  My mother had to go into hospital for a major life saving operation, and wasn’t expected to survive.  Fortunately against all the odds she did pull through and is now making a slow but steady recovery. 


While crafting didn’t stop it was pretty much limited to sock knitting in the hospital.  There are only so many posts you can write about that!


Anyway, looking for that silver lining I can say it was really good for sock production.  I could now happily stop my socks of the month project now as the sock drawer is full.  I’m not going to though as all the stress, sleepless nights and general kafuffle have left me completely exhausted.  I returned to work this week and it was all I could do to make it safely through to Friday.  So plain old simply sock production will continue for a while until my brain recovers enough to cope with anything more complicated.


So here are some shots of the plain old vanilla socks I’ve been knitting.  I’m rapidly running out of sock yarn again so I sense some yarn shopping in my near future.  Hopefully it won’t be to long before my next post as I have something wonderful to tell you about from Nikki at Sew Quine.

Hmmm… Time for a cuppa tea

Anyone who is a regular reader will know how much I love a cup of tea.  I even have different cups / mugs for different occasions.  I was recently told this is a very ‘British thing’ which is fair enough.  So why am I rambling on about this?  Well last week while out for lunch (and many cups of tea) with a friend I spotted this in a charity shop window.


Now how could I resist?


The writing reads

Wet nose and twitching paws

Shiny tail and doggie snores


It could have been made with Jake as the model.  He even sleeps on the floor in that exact position.  Best of all it’s actually china.  I’m so enjoying drinking my Ceylon tea out of it. Hmmm….